Istanbul a candidate for Citibank joint service center

BloombergHT – Becoming an international financial center, Türkiye’s most populous city is also a candidate for Citibank’s regional management center, according to Citibank Türkiye’s Vice President for Global Banking Operations, Baris Tezcan.

The regional management model, increasingly preferred by many multinational corporations, relies on having a single office running businesses in multiple markets. Stating that Citibank had joint service centers in Poland, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania, Tezcan said that Istanbul is also a candidate to become one, as the city is already chosen as a center by many Citi clients.

Many multinational companies would like to use Türkiye as a base and the number of foreigners willing to work in Türkiye is on the rise, said Tezcan, adding that Istanbul itself has become a strong brand name marketing vise.

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