Tourist arrivals in Türkiye up 17 percent in May

Dünya – Travelers and vacationers attracted by Türkiye’s clear blue sky and sandy beaches continue to flow to the rising star of global tourism. Reaching 3.8 million in May, foreign visitors to Türkiye registered growth of 17.8 percent over the same month of last year.

According to data published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Türkiye’s Mediterranean resort of Antalya welcomed the most foreign visitors in May with 1.4 million arrivals, followed by Istanbul with almost 400,000 visitors. The Aegean province of Mugla and Thracian city of Edirne came third and fourth respectively.
Türkiye’s tourism industry also performed admirably in the first five months of the year, having attracted over 10 million tourists with a growth rate of 18.4 percent compared with a year earlier. January-May data shows that Germany ranked first in the number of tourists sent to Türkiye with a share of almost 14.2 percent, followed by Russia with 9.5 percent. Georgians, Bulgarians and British also visited Türkiye in significant numbers in the given period.

Türkiye is the 6th most popular tourist destination according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Tourism Highlights 2012 Edition. The Mediterranean nation attracted a total of 31.8 million foreign visitors in 2012.

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