Bosphorus bridges and 9 highways to go private

Haberturk - The Privatization Administration (OIB) will transfer the operation rights for “Bosphorus Bridge” and the “Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Ring Road”, as well as some highways to the private sector by concession agreements under a single package over a period of 25 years. The amount of the bid bond for the tender will be USD 200 million.


The Administration has already looked into the interest of many local and foreign investors and has held talks with a total of 15 foreign investors so far. The list of investors that are expected to participate in the tender includes major highway operators in Europe such as Italian Atlantia, Egis Projects, as well as Spanish Abertis and Portuguese Brisa.


The public investments are likely to focus mainly on the transportation sector over the next 14 years. The Turkish government aims to invest USD 350 billion in the transportation and communications sectors, in scope of its target set for 2023. The lion’s share in this investment budget will go to a total of 12 new highway projects with USD 52 billion. During 2008, the transportation sector saw around TRY 28 billion worth of investments from the private, public and local administrations.