ISPAT staging investment seminars in Japan

Bloomberg HT - Türkiye’s official investment promotion agency is staging a series of seminars and events in Japan this week, showcasing Türkiye’s numerous investment opportunities to Japanese business networks.

The visit, headed by President Ilker Ayci, comes after two years of intense efforts by the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT) to attract Japanese companies to Türkiye. Over a hundred Japanese companies established businesses in Türkiye last year, with the trade between the two countries reaching USD 4.6 billion.


During the visit, ISPAT staff will hold talks with Japanese business leaders to brief the potential investors on the investment opportunities offered by Türkiye. Backed by strong economic fundamentals as well as a large domestic market, young population, political stability and a key geographical position allowing easy access to the surrounding regions, Türkiye has been long under the scope of Japanese companies looking to expand their overseas businesses.

600 prospective investors have already booked places in ISPAT seminars to be held in Tokyo and other major cities. The ISPAT President will also hold high-level talks with a number of executives heading industry-leading corporations.

Visited by the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, last May, Türkiye contracted its second nuclear power plant, a USD 22 billion project, to a Japanese-led consortium. Actively promoting Türkiye’s investment climate worldwide, ISPAT proved instrumental in attracting large scale investments from Japan in recent years as witnessed in the case of the Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi UFC (BTMU) and other leading Japanese lenders. The Agency also assisted the tire maker Sumitomo Rubber Industries in its USD 500 million venture in Türkiye.

Image of İlker Aycı