TPI Composites to produce turbine blades with Turkish partner

Sabah - The US-based TPI Composites has announced the establishment of a JV company with Turkish construction and engineering company Alke Insaat to manufacture turbine blades for wind energy applications.

The new company, TPI Kompozit Kanat Sanayi, will be located in Izmir on Türkiye’s Aegean coast and will supply turbine parts for the expanding domestic market, as well for markets in Eastern Europe and North Africa. The Turkish-US JV will create 350 jobs initially and plans to enlarge its workforce to 600 people by 2014. The 33,000-square-meter facility producing turbine blades will be the first of its kind in Türkiye.

Seeking to reduce the dependency on imported oil and gas, Türkiye is increasingly turning to renewable sources for energy production. In addition to the attractive feed-in tariff, generating wind energy with locally manufactured equipment is specially incentivized in the country.

Türkiye currently has an installed capacity of 1,750 MW generated from wind energy. By the centennial of the republic in 2023, the country plans to have a 20,000 MW installed capacity generated by wind farms.
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