New production line from Indesit in Manisa

Hurses - Francesco Trovato, Chief Marketing Officer of Indesit Company, said Indesit Company Türkiye increased its market share to eight percent in 2008, whereas the company aims to raise this figure to ten percent in 2010 and in the long term to 15 percent – the share in Europe. Indesit Company, the longest-established white goods manufacturer in Europe, continues to invest in Türkiye, which is a significant country for the company’s future plans. Indesit Company’s innovations for Türkiye include the commissioning of two production lines with an annual capacity of one million refrigerators in the Manisa facilities in 2008. Trovato stated a total of EUR 45 million is invested in R&D projects per annum in order to maintain Indesit’s innovative stand, noting that they plan to further increase this figure in the coming years.