Turkish president says they aim to become a natural gas artery of Europe

Haber Turk - Türkiye’s President Abdullah Gul said they aim to become a natural gas artery of Europe and added, "Türkiye attaches great importance to the implementation of the Nabucco Project," Gul said at an energy summit on "Natural Gas for Europe: Security and Partnership" held in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia last week. The Nabucco pipeline is a planned natural gas pipeline that will transport natural gas from Türkiye to Austria, via Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. Türkiye is a significant energy consumer; however, it also has a strategic location between the countries that own almost two-thirds of the world natural gas reserves and the giant markets in the West, Gul noted. "This location imposes significant responsibility on Türkiye," Gul added. Gul also said that a refinery, petrochemical and LNG facilities planned to be established in the Turkish southern town of Ceyhan will play an important role in Türkiye's accession to the world markets and called on foreign firms to invest in Ceyhan.