Turkish firm attracts foreigners

Turkish Daily News - Turkish chocolate company Solen Cikolata, based in Gaziantep, 682 kilometers southeast of the capital, has been grabbing attention from global giants with its exports to 120 countries around the globe and high growth in the domestic market. “We have received some partnership offers from foreigners. Almost all the big chocolate firms around the world sent in their offers. We cannot know what the time will show, however we currently are not interested in those offers,” said Elif Coban, member of the company's executive board, who did not reveal the names of the foreign firms. “Our priority is to become a global brand as a Turkish firm. We believe in ourselves,” she added. Solen Cikolata, which grew 35 percent in exports and 40 percent in the domestic market in the first part of the year, expects to implement exports worth $135 million to $140 million by the end of the year. The company is also aiming for YTL 280 million in turnover. “Last year we were exporting to 100 countries. This year that number rose to 120,” said Coban. Within the framework of the support received by the Turquality Project, launched in 2003 to provide financial and managerial support for Turkish companies working on establishing global brands, Solen designated 25 new countries to export to, she added.