13 applications from 7 firms for Filyos valley project

Dunya – Regarding the Filyos Valley Project which is one of the development hopes for the Black Sea region, construction and improvement plans are expected to be completed for space allocations to the new investors. Erdal Ata, Governor of Zonguldak, has stated that they are evaluating 13 important projects offered by 7 firms regarding Filyos while Salih Demir, President of Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has announced that in case industrial and agricultural projects carried out in cooperation with Governorate and Municipality, 175,000 people will be employed in the region. Having emphasized that they are closely interested in the project related to Filyos, Vali Ata has said that the team sent by Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency to the region has conducted the necessary investigation and that relevant meetings are held in the premises of Ministry of Finance..