Private companies make up 54 percent of Türkiye’s electricity production

Dunya - Private companies make up more than half of Türkiye’s power generation with a strong inclination to increase their share in the coming five years. Following the successful privatization deals of the country’s three remaining electricity grids last month, all of Türkiye’s 21 power grids are operated by the private sector which now focuses on producing energy for the ever-growing needs of the emerging country.

The measures taken by the government since 2002, aiming at liberalizing the business environment, turned private companies into players in the energy sector that added nearly 3,000 MWs to the country’s installed capacity in 2009, the year that the financial crisis was at its peak.

According to 2009 data, the state-owned enterprises made up to 45.9 percent of Türkiye’s electricity production, while the private companies like ENKA, Enerjisa, Zorlu and GAMA shouldered the remaining 54.1 percent. ENKA currently produces 4,000 MWs in total from its three plants, while Aksa produces 1,500 MW. Enerjisa’s recently commissioned Bandirma power plant will also have a 1,500 MW output capacity once it becomes fully operational.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), the country’s governing body for the energy industry, has approved applications for nearly 100 power plants and extension units amounting to 3,500 MWs in 2010, most of them still using hydrocarbons but renewables are also slowly gaining ground.

According to state-owned Electricity Generation Co. Inc (EUAS) projections, driven by the power plant privatizations on schedule, the next five years will see the private sector share for Türkiye’s electricity production rise up to 60 percent, with the state’s share declining to 40 percent.
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