Unilever’s success helped Türkiye attract investments

Hurriyet - Multinational consumer products giant Unilever's Chief Procurement Officer Marc Engel said that the company is looking to increase its procurements from local suppliers in Türkiye. Operating in 170 countries, the company’s annual global turnover reaches EUR 40 billion. Unilever’s Turkish division manages over TRY 3 billion (EUR 1.3 billion) worth of operations.

Engel said that Unilever is currently working with 3,000 suppliers and 20,000 tea farmers in Türkiye and that they supported local producers by offering their products to international markets. Unilever’s success in Türkiye also had an effect on two packaging companies’ decision to invest in Türkiye, he noted. “Türkiye remains in the top 10 list of countries Unilever operates in, while over 50 Turkish executives are currently employed in the company’s global operations,” added Engel. Unaffected by the financial crisis, Unilever Türkiye managed to grow 9.5 percent in 2009, relying on local suppliers for 90 percent of the goods it offers.
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