Three German solar firms to develop projects in Türkiye

Sabah - Türkiye’s untapped renewable energy sources and rapidly expanding energy market present foreign investors with a perfect ground for opportunities and growth potential. Three of Germany’s solar energy firms, Phoenix Solar, Gehrlicher Solar and Soventix made their entry into the Turkish solar energy market within the last few months through partnerships with Turkish companies.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems integrator Phoenix Solar teamed up with Turkish renewable energy company Ires Enerji last January to offer solar energy solutions in the under 500 kilowatt (KW), license-free market segment. Gehrlicher Solar, on the other hand, partnered with Turkish Merk Enerji to build solar power plants in Türkiye’s southern and south-eastern regions and also plans to develop solar power projects for the lucrative small-scale PV market.

The latest company from Germany’s solar industry to enter Türkiye is the Duisburg-based Soventix, which is already active in Türkiye through local PV companies and plans to develop solar power plants for the small scale PV market. The company’s CEO, Thorsten Preugschas, met with Türkiye’s Minister of Economy, Zafer Caglayan during his visit to Germany in early February. With guaranteed support from the Turkish government for renewable energy projects, Soventix will embark on large-scale solar projects in Türkiye in the long term. “Türkiye has tremendous potential in solar energy. We expect fast growth in Türkiye due to our international PV know-how and strong local partnerships,” said Preugschas, according to a press release by Soventix.

Large parts of Türkiye are exposed to sunlight most of the year, making solar energy a viable choice for small-scale power generation. Off-grid electricity generation of up to 500 KWs from renewable sources is exempt from licensing under Türkiye’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) regulations.
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