US-Dutch company to build Europe’s biggest solar plant in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News - GiraSolar, a US-Dutch solar company, has begun talks with a local energy company to build Turkey’s first and Europe’s biggest photovoltaic power station, while also manufacturing solar panels for export to Europe.

“We are planning to build Europe’s biggest solar plant in Turkey,” Chief Executive Officer Wieland M. Koornstra told the Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review during a Dutch business mission to Istanbul last week.

Noting the importance of Turkey in the world’s solar energy sector, Koornstra said GiraSolar had held talks with a Turkish energy giant on building a solar power station in the south of Turkey. He said the plant will generate 100 megawatts (MW) of energy.

Noting that there is no solar panel market yet in Turkey, Koornstra said: “We are planning to export the solar panels to European countries. Many companies will inquire about Turkish-made solar panels once we complete this solar power station project in the country.”

According to the Turkish Renewable Energy Law, the purchase price for electricity generated from solar power is USD 0.133 per kilowatt hour. The law also offers a further incentive to renewable energy facilities and states that, provided the technical equipment used in the facility is produced within Turkey’s borders, the facility will be paid an additional USD 0.004-0.024 per kilowatt hour of electricity purchased by the state for five years after the plant becomes operational.
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