Sikorsky plans USD 8 billion worth of business for Türkiye in copter deal

The Daily Star - Sikorsky, a unit of United Technologies Corp., is planning USD 8 billion worth of industrial participation by Türkiye in a potential helicopter project, said Sikorsky Vice President Stephen Estill. The company, which currently has a backlog of USD 13 billion and expects sales of USD 6.2 billion in 2009, is looking to increase its business volume with Türkiye, which is becoming one of the largest defense buyers internationally. Türkiye has the second largest standing army in NATO behind the US. Sikorsky is currently competing for a 20 year Turkish tender to procure 109 multi-use helicopters. "Regarding the industrial participation, we estimate the value at above USD 8 billion," said Stephen Estill. The industrial participation will include the ramping up of Sikorsky's Turkish partners to produce parts for the Blackhawk as well as training and exports of the helicopter. "If they choose the Blackhawk, we will buy a minimum of 200 units for the international marketplace that will be manufactured, completed and flown out of Türkiye," he said.