Vodafone acquires Turkish telecom operator Koc.net

Hurriyet - British mobile communications company Vodafone’s Turkish branch has announced the acquisition of Koc.net, an alternative provider of broadband and telephony services in Türkiye.

The deal worth TRY 30 million (approx. USD 17.8 million) for 99 percent of Koc.net stakes, follows Vodafone Türkiye’s acquisition of Borusan Telekom, another local telecom company early last year.

The move will enable Vodafone to enter into Türkiye’s broadband internet services market, totaling at 35 million users in 2010 figures.

Koc.net’s corporate customer base of 75,000 users has expanded to include 150,000 individual subscribers since 2008, when the company first started to provide internet and telephony services under its BiRi brand.
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