2010 sees record levels of investment and privatization in the energy industry

Hurriyet - The economic activity in the Turkish energy market in 2010 has made its mark in the vitally important sector’s chronology, mostly observed in the form of investments and privatization. Despite the effect of the global financial crisis, investor interest never waned in Türkiye’s privatization plans as the privatization of power grids covering the entire country was completed in 2010, generating income that exceeded forecasts.

The electricity market received around TRY 8 billion (approx. USD 5.1 billion) of infrastructure investments, while the power grid privatization tenders drew bids that totaled USD 16 billion.

“2010 was a year of records in terms of private sector investments and income from the privatization deals,” said the Electricity Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) President Hasan Koktas. Koktas added that private companies had contributed more than 4,000 MW of power to the country’s installed capacity in 2010.
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