Hyundai to launch sedan production in Türkiye

Hürriyet – South Korean car maker Hyundai plans to expand production in its Turkish plant to include a sedan type passenger vehicle in addition to superminis i20 Troy and soon-to-be-added i10. The first overseas plant of the company outside South Korea, the Hyundai Assan facility in Kocaeli’s Izmit district will have received TRY 1.1 billion (Approx. USD 620 million) worth of upgrades for the manufacturing of the overhauled i10 model by the end of 2013, according to Hyundai-Assan General Manager Umit Karaaslan who stated that preparations for a sedan model was also in the works.

“Hyundai is planning to introduce a sedan model, alongside the hatchbacks, to its production line in Türkiye. A rate of 50,000 vehicles per year is being considered.”, Karaaslan spoke of the company’s new year plans, adding that the improved i10 platform could easily be used for a sedan.“. The new i10 vehicle will be larger, more spacious than a typical A-class vehicle which means that it can also be adapted to a sedan role. Works on the sedan model will begin as soon as the i10 enters production in Türkiye.” , the General Manager noted.

One of the fastest growing automakers in the industry, Hyundai’s plans involving Türkiye include engine production and setting up a research and development (R&D) center in the country. Heavily influenced by the country’s investment incentive system that favor local development and manufacturing, Hyundai will be the third major automotive company, following the examples of Ford and Fiat, to invest in a R&D center in Türkiye.

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