VW looking into investing in Turkey

Hurriyet/Sabah - German auto manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) is considering investing in Turkey and will publish a preliminary report on investment opportunities in the country’s automotive sector, according to the brand’s main distributor in Turkey, Dogus Otomotiv.

“For an investment to be viable, production levels of 150,000 vehicles per year and above are required. A plant that would produce more than one vehicle and reach 200,000 – 250,000 units per year is more efficient,” said Dogus Otomotiv Chairman Aclan Acar about VW’s investment projections in Turkey, adding that the company is seriously considering investing in Turkey, and that it is due to publish a report on the subject in March, following the introduction of the new investment incentives package by the government.

Dogus Otomotiv Executive Board Member Ali Bilaloglu said that Dogus Otomotiv and the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) are jointly working on the project. “The government’s willingness and the introduction of the new incentives have given our efforts to build a VW plant in Turkey a new boost,” said Bilaloglu. “Although it is too early to talk about the report’s findings, there is a thorough study going on right now. VW’s increasing sales and potential are also positive contributors,” he noted.
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