TUPRAS refinery tops Türkiye's first Fortune 500 list with $18.45 bln

Hurriyet English - TUPRAS (Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co.) has been the biggest company of Türkiye by net sales revenue totaled 22.52 billion YTL ($18.45 billion) according to the figures released by the first Fortune 500 research conducted in Türkiye while state-owned electricity distributor TEDAS ranked second with 15 billion YTL ($12.29 billion) and POAS (Petrol Ofisi) third with 13.47 billion YTL ($11.04 billion) net sales revenue. TUPRAS also ranked at the first place by the export figures in the research. TUPRAS topped the most exporting company list by 4.68 billion YTL ($3.83 billion) while Ford Otosan followed it with 3.79 billion YTL ($3.10 billion) at second place and Arcelik took the third place with 3.46 billion YTL ($2.83 billion.) Koc Holding dominated the Fortune 500 list when it is assessed as a whole, Fortune 500 Editor Kenan Sanli as saying. No business group, even Sabanci Group, the second largest group in Türkiye, seems to be following Koc Group closely and threatening its dominance, he added.