The third generation revolution begins

Sabah - The Third Generation Mobile Communication Systems (3G), which provide high-speed data and visuals, went into service in Türkiye, on July 30. Following a tender held last December for 3G services, under the technical name ''IMT-2000/UMTS'', Turkcell was granted the A-type licensing, while Vodafone was awarded a B-type license and Avea a C-type license, in order to provide 3G services. With 3G, it will be possible to access the internet ten times faster than current availability. In order to use the new standard, applicants must apply to be a 3G subscriber, by simply sending a text message requesting services. Current members will be able to immediately switch over to 3G services without having to pay any additional subscription or tax fees. In order to benefit from all of the services provided by the 3G network, subscribers need to own a double camera 3G-supported cellular phone. Subscribers will also be able to benefit from 3G services both inside and outside the country, from all operators that provide 3G services.