Daimler AG to Establish Global Technology Hub in Istanbul

German multinational automotive corporation, Daimler AG, plans on expanding the responsibility of the Global IT Solution Delivery Center (SDC) in Istanbul.

Daimler announced that its SDC in Istanbul will establish the Daimler Mobility Global Technology Hub in 2021, which will become a software development base for Daimler Mobility and provide global services.

Mercedes-Benz Automotive Executive Board Member and Global IT SDC Director Vidin Engindeniz expressed that "Daimler AG's faith and confidence in Türkiye is increasing every year."

Engindeniz underlined the fact that SDC is positioned not only for the automotive industry, but also as an important software development and innovation center. “Daimler Mobility Global Technology Hub will be the first technology hub in the world to serve globally," she added.

Daimler Global IT SDC is already undertaking a critical role in global cyber security operations carried out under Daimler since 2013. The center serves more than 40 countries from Germany to Japan in the fields of SAP (Systems Analysis and Program Development) and rollout.​​

Businessman Holding Virtual Lock and Daimler Logo