Danone Commits TRY 450 Million Investment to Medical Nutrition Production in Türkiye

With a century-long global presence and almost four decades of operation in Türkiye, Danone continues to demonstrate a robust investment strategy in the Turkish market, driven by its mission to "bring health through food to as many people as possible."

In a recent development, Danone has made a substantial investment of over TRY 450 million in its Lüleburgaz Production Facilities, aiming to localize the production of medical nutrition products used in the treatment of malnutrition. This investment showcases Danone's commitment to redirecting its accomplishments towards fostering employment and further investment in Türkiye. It is noteworthy that this investment represents the company's inaugural hybrid plant, enabling the simultaneous manufacturing of dairy and medical nutrition products.

The official inauguration of the new plant saw the presence of Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu, Danone Türkiye General Manager Cem Küçükcan, and Danone Chief Operations Officer Vikram Agarwal.

Over the next two years, Danone is poised to boost its production capacity by 50 percent and aims to triple its current export volume, intending to enhance its contributions and sustainable value to the Turkish economy.

Minister Kacır expressed his appreciation for Danone's investments, which align with Türkiye's dynamics and contribute to the national economy. He stated, “With this new TRY 450-million investment, Danone has started the domestic production of medical nutrition products used in malnutrition treatment, addressing both the domestic market, and exporting to the UK, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia." Minister Kacır also emphasized the positive impact of this investment on reducing Türkiye's current account deficit, while fostering a large business volume through the localization of raw materials used in the facility.

During the opening ceremony, Investment Office President Dağlıoğlu highlighted the Office's diligent monitoring of Danone's investment process for the new production plant since its inception. He commended the localization of high-value pharmaceutical products and the facility's role as a regional production hub, aligning seamlessly with Türkiye's production objectives. President Dağlıoğlu stated, "We congratulate the Danone family on their investment in Türkiye's investment environment, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic. We continue to reiterate our 'Invest in Türkiye' message to our global investors, recognizing Danone's contribution to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's vision of making the 'Türkiye Century' a century of investment."

For his part, Danone Türkiye General Manager Küçükcan expressed his pride in Danone's domestic presence as a global brand and its continuous expansion of investments based on its confidence in Türkiye. He remarked, "Danone Türkiye operates six production facilities and an R&D center, employing over 2,000 individuals nationwide. Our aim is to provide consumers of all ages with a portfolio of over 20 brands and innovative products." Küçükcan recognized the profound significance of the investment in Lüleburgaz, underscoring its notable impact on regional development and positive influence on the stakeholder ecosystem.
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