DHL to reach Middle Eastern and Asian markets through Turkey


Sabah - The global logistics and courier services firm DHL hopes to expand its business in Turkey in an effort to reach regional markets through the country. Assessing Turkey’s advantageous geographical location as an important logistics hub for DHL, the company’s CEO Ken Allen said Turkey could be seen as a bridge between Asia and Europe. “In addition to its location, Turkey is also a growing market. Turkish Airlines, owing to their latest efforts and Turkey’s key position, has managed to become one of the leading airline companies in the world. DHL also intends to benefit from Turkey’s influential position”, said Allen.


Drawing attention to Turkey’s young population, potential and commercial relations with the surrounding countries, Allen said DHL is looking for more investments in the country. “As a country marginally affected by the global crisis, Turkey has the capacity to outpace Europe in economic growth. The country’s advanced infrastructure of highways and airports make it an ideal hub to reach Asia”, Allen concluded.

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