E-Commerce Gains Ground in Wake of Pandemic

​​​E-commerce has gained more prevalence in Türkiye with the breakout of COVID-19 one year ago, according to a recent report released by Iyzico, a Türkiye-based, prominent e-commerce online payment gateway provider.

Analyzing data on the most popular shopping categories, the most preferred shopping channel, regional and sectoral spending percentages, Iyzico found that 2020 staged a record in e-commerce, where the use of debit cards surged from 16 percent in 2019 to 21 percent in 2020. 

In addition, mobile shopping, which accounted for 50 percent of online shopping in 2019, reached 55 percent in 2020 and the average shopping cart amount, which was TRY 146 in credit card transactions in 2019, increased to TRY 168 in 2020.
Image of Digital Market Trolley Standing on a Phone