EY Report Marks Türkiye One of the Largest Investment Destinations in Europe

​​​​Consulting firm Ernst & Young's (EY) recent "EY Attractiveness Survey Europe June 2021," report revealed that despite the 13 percent decline in the number of FDI projects in Europe, stemming from the turbulence and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the number of FDI projects in Türkiye increased 18 percent in 2020, making the country one of the largest investment destinations in Europe.

According to the report, Türkiye is one of the largest investment destinations, which increased its share in Europe along with Switzerland, Finland and Sweden.

In the meantime, Türkiye has become the 2nd largest destination in Europe for manufacturing with 153 projects, while manufacturing investments in Europe fell 22 percent due to supply chain disruption and uncertain demand.

The report also reveals that Türkiye grew to be the second most preferred investment location for the chemical industry in Europe, at a time when European countries had to contend with a 5 percent decline in total.

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