Ford and Amgen mull investments in Türkiye


Haber Turk Ekonomi - Türkiye’s Minister of State Zafer Caglayan’s US visit managed to leave two of the leading American companies in their respective industries considering investments in Türkiye. Ford Motors and pharmaceutical company Amgen contacted Caglayan to inquire about possible investments in the country. Ford, which already has considerable investments in Türkiye, contacted Caglayan for further investments with a view to reaching new markets in the Caucasus, Middle East and Africa, all of which are easily reachable from Türkiye.


“Ford wants to use Türkiye as a bridge to access new markets by benefiting from Türkiye’s good relations with its surroundings”, said Caglayan, adding that he has advised haste to Ford officials in putting their investment plans into action. Caglayan said pharmaceutical company Amgen is also considering investments in Türkiye and that they have put the country on their list of eight probable investment destinations.

Türkiye; automotive investment; pharmaceutical investment; healthcare; ford; Amgen; Zafer Caglayan; Caucasus; Middle East; Africa