Global Giants Shift Their Supply Chains to Türkiye

​​​​​​​​“Türkiye is an important alternative supply source for global giants," said AmCham Chairman Tankut Turnaoğlu during an interview with a national newspaper based in Türkiye.

Commenting on a number of key topics including global supply chains (GSC), global acquisitions, Türkiye's position as a regional hub in a competitive environment and investments, Turnaoğlu pointed to the fact that the dynamics of GSCs were forced to change due to the outbreak of COVID-19. He further stated that Türkiye offered a great alternative for companies, which have been looking for new supply channels. “Türkiye's position as a regional hub has grown significantly stronger. In fact, some US-based companies moved their regional headquarters from Dubai to Istanbul," he added. 

​Turnaoğlu also unveiled that AmCham partnered up with the Investment Office to hold a meeting with the chief procurement managers in top US companies.​​
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