Hugo Boss to Boost Manufacturing in Türkiye

​​German clothing brand Hugo Boss is set to broaden its manufacturing activities in Türkiye as they want to get closer to and better serve their European market.

Despite ever-deepening crisis rippling across the global supply chain, Hugo Boss has decided to expand its factory in Izmir in an attempt to rely less on Southeast Asia. As such, the company intends to employ 1,000 workers, and invest more money in machinery and tools in site.

Aiming to double sales to EUR 4 billion per year by 2025, Hugo Boss's chief executive Mr. Daniel Grieder stated “We now have a new strategy; that is, is to manufacture more garments, but in places closer to where they're to be sold," and added that a proprietary factory close to Europe in recent months has put the company at a major competitive advantage.

Hugo Boss has a factory in Türkiye, which was originally built in 1999, and also in Germany, Poland, and Italy – which coupled Türkiye, account for some 20 percent of its production activities.
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