RMA Group Acquires Altınay Modification

​Thailand-based RMA Group has acquired a majority stake in Turkish robotics company Altınay Modification.

RMA Group stated in a press release that the acquisition will help the company target European commercial vehicle market by leveraging combined modification and engineering strengths.

“The combined strengths of RMA Group, RMA Türkiye and Altınay Modification present significant opportunities for global growth, particularly across the export markets," Kevin Whitcraft, Chief Executive Officer of RMA Group said.

Altınay Modification​ develops robotic manufacturing technologies for the local and global industries, with a focus on industrial production automation, aerospace and defense, and energy storage technologies.

RMA has already been in active in Türkiye since 2011 and has been modifying Turkish-built Ford Transit models into ambulances, aid/development vehicles and medical & commercial transport vehicles for export to global fleet customers.​

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