International companies seeking growth prefer investing in Türkiye

Aksam - An article published about Türkiye in The Telegraph, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the UK, emphasized that Türkiye was a trade center during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, and that international companies that are seeking growth see the country as an investment heaven. According to the article, having overcome the crisis unaffected and become one of the fastest growing economies in the world with its growth rate of 6.8 percent during 2002-2007, Türkiye is gaining momentum in the fields of sailing, yachting, automotives and technology. On the back of these qualities, Türkiye has been selected as the European country to be visited in the “Business Thinking Initiative” program, which was launched by HSBC UK for the purpose of finding the best business ideas in the country. 18 finalists out of 54 participants will be awarded with this trip.
Telegraph; Türkiye; investment heaven; HSBC