Investment Office and Doha Bank Come Together at a Live Event

​​On 16 September, Doha Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Qatar, held a live event entitled, Bilateral & Synergistic Opportunities between Qatar and Turkey, where speakers exchanged views on challenges in the business environment and steps to be taken in order to mitigate risks. 

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the State of Qatar H.E. M.Mustafa Göksu, Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu, Yapı Merkezi İnşaat Sanayi A.Ş. Chairman Başar Arıoğlu, Doha Bank CEO Dr. R. Seetharaman were featured at the webinar. 

Delivering a speech at the event, Investment Office President Dağlıoğlu explained how Turkey managed the COVID-19 outbreak and the economic situation in the country during the post-pandemic period. Dağlıoğlu also mentioned the recent mergers and acquisitons in Turkey, particularly in the fintech and gaming sectors, and reminded the acquisition of Turkey’s Sunrise Foods by Qatar’s Hassad Food Company as an example of Qatari companies’ investment appetite in the Turkish market.

Dağlıoğlu added, “Continuing investments  in Turkey are built on our solid macroeconomic fundamentals and promising business opportunities. Turkey’s resilient economy has enabled the country to develop a strong infrastructure in various sectors including automotive, food and beverages, machinery, chemicals, and so on.”

Dağlıoğlu lastly emphasized the partnership of the two institutions will help flourish strategic relations between Turkey and Qatar.
Image from Investment Office and Doha Bank Webinar
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