Investment Office Attends YASED Business Lounge

International Investors Association (YASED) held its annual year-end “Business Lounge" event to discuss global and regional developments, and their reflections on Türkiye.

Speaking at the event, Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu stated that supply chain, sustainability, digital transformation, and workforce will be prioritized by 2024, adding, “We are working intensively on the renewal of Türkiye's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Strategy Document and that they will focus on the themes of supply chain, sustainability, digital transformation and qualified workforce as priority issues."

Dağlıoğlu also mentioned Investment Office's ongoing efforts to attract new investments to Türkiye, emphasizing continuous collaboration with international investors represented by YASED.

YASED Chairperson Engin Aksoy Engin Aksoy highlighted YASED's most important communication document YASED agenda and said, "I would like to express our pleasure to see that the document, which we have communicated with our public interlocutors at all levels, from our ministers to our expert colleagues, from our parliament to our foreign missions, has made a qualified contribution to all policy and strategy-making processes of the public sector and that it has been recognized as a prestige document that demonstrates YASED's working discipline and product quality".

"We will continue YASED Pulse CEO survey, aiming to generate the 'Türkiye FDI Confidence Index' by 2025. Our webinar series, where we share best practices in green and digital transformation with stakeholders, suppliers, and the public, will also continue," Aksoy added. 

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