Investment Office Hosts Second GVC Talks with AmCham Türkiye

On May 4, Investment Office and AmCham Türkiye co-hosted the second edition of the GVC Talks, a series of webinars, entitled “GVC Talks- Regional Trade Relations". Among the attendees of the webinar were Board Member of AmCham Türkiye Burak Kılıç and CEO of Procter & Gamble Tankut Turnaoğlu.

Investment Office Vice President Ahmet İhsan Erdem offered insights into Türkiye's extensive network of free trade agreements, customs union with the EU, and proximity to major markets, which have been a magnet attracting multinationals to relocate some of their activities across their value chains. “Türkiye has been improving its trade relations with the rest of the world through certain policies. To this end, a liberal and rule-based trade policy approach has been adopted and accordingly a series of free trade agreements have been signed," said Erdem. “Today, Türkiye is a part of the EU Customs Union and it has an extensive network of free trade agreements with over 20 countries," he added.​​

Image from Investment Office's Second GVC Meeting with AmCham Turkey