Investment Office Hosts Webinar with France’s MEDEF

On May 3, the Investment Office and MEDEF International co-hosted a webinar entitled “Decarbonized Hydrogen Investment Opportunities in Türkiye", where Türkiye's Ambassador to France Refik Ali Onaner and Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu addressed French companies with welcoming remarks.

“Thanks to the success of Türkiye in integrating into global value chains in various industries, we are confident that Türkiye will take its place in the hydrogen economy as well," Investment Office President Dağlıoğlu said during his speech. “Roughly 50 percent of Türkiye's exports flow into European markets. Green deal makes it a necessity for Türkiye to go for green energy transformation as quick as possible, and hydrogen is a crucial component of it. In addition, advantages in logistics and renewable energy potential makes Türkiye one of the supply sources to fill the hydrogen gap across Europe," Dağlıoğlu added.

During the webinar, Investment Office Project Director Görkem Yusuf Topçu also delivered a presentation on Türkiye's prospects and value proposal for decarbonized hydrogen investments and its renewable energy potential.​​

Image of Webinar with Investment Office and French MEDEF