Investment Office Speaks at “Protecting Intellectual Property and Patents in Türkiye” Webinar

​On January 25, the Investment Office organized a joint summit entitled “Protecting Intellectual Property and Patents in Türkiye" in cooperation with the General Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria.)

At the opening session of the summit, Investment Office Overseas Offices Unit Manager Yasemin Esenlik and Confindustria Country Manager Letizia Pizzi each delivered speeches.

Investment Office Country Advisor to Italy Gino Costa also made a presentation entitled “The Ecosystem of Investments & Incentives and Facilitations to Support Innovation in Türkiye."

Gino Costa emphasized the ready availability of platforms to support industry digitalization in Türkiye and diverse incentives and favorable ecosystems for R&D and innovation. Costa also answered questions on Türkiye's main strengths for foreign investors.

President of Türk Patent Dr. Habip Asan, the President of Turkish International Patent Union Erdem Kaya, Head of IP and R&D working group of TÜSIAD Devrim Özaydın, Head of anti-counterfeiting and trading barrier desk of ITA Meryem Ipeklıoğlu were also among speakers.

Italy is an important economic and investment partner for Türkiye. The trade volume between the two countries stood at circa USD 18 billion in 2019. Since 2002, there has been USD 4.7-billion worth of FDI inflows from Italy to Türkiye.  Moreover, there are more than 1500 companies with Italian capital in Türkiye. About 87 percent of them said they were pleased to invest in Türkiye in answer to a survey run by CeSPI in January this year.

Image of Investment Office Meeting