Investment Office and UNDP Co-Launch SDG Investor Map

​On February 25, Furkan Karayaka, Head of Overseas Activities Department at the Investment Office, delivered a speech at the launch event for the SDG Investor Map Türkiye developed jointly by the Investment Office and the Istanbul International Centre for Private Sector (IICPSD) upon the request of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

The event hosted investors and entrepreneurs from prioritized sectors, including infrastructure, renewable energy and healthcare. 

In his remarks, Karayaka emphasized why mapping as part of sustainable development goals matters, saying, “One of the main barriers for mobilizing the private sector towards the SDGs, especially in developing countries, is the limited availability of data and insights about SDG-aligned investment opportunities. The Investor Map methodology particularly addresses this information gap.”
Image for Investment Office and UNDP Co-Launch of SDG Investor Map