Istanbul Airport Scales up the City among Top 30 in Global Cities Index

​​​Kearney's “2021 Global Cities Report" unveiled Istanbul ranking among the top 30 cities in the Global Cities Index. After the worldwide global slowdown in economic and social activities in 2020, Istanbul has earned the 27th place in 2021 from 34th place in the previous year, thus maintaining its place in the top 30 list for the fifth time during the last six years.

The report noted the opening of the third runway of the Istanbul Airport last year as the driving force of the boost in flight and passenger numbers that also positioned Istanbul as a travel hub, and added, with plans for wider expansion in the airport in coming years, it will be the largest in the world by 2030.

Another factor behind the increase in Istanbul's rank is noted as Türkiye's decision to not fully closing its borders during the pandemic, leading to a minor decline in tourists arrivals compared to other countries.

The Global Cities Index highlights the effects of the COVID-19 measures on cities and their resilience and adaptability in the recovery process. The index also underlines cities with global connectivity and cross-border interdependence are less affected by the pandemic.
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