Istanbul Medeniyet University Inks Partnership Agreement with Colendi

​​​Facilitated by the Investment Office, a partnership agreement has been signed between Istanbul Medeniyet University and Colendi, a rapidly expanding global fintech firm, to empower Medeniyet Technopark. 

Medeniyet Technopark, implemented by Istanbul Medeniyet University, is poised to become a central hub for startups within Türkiye's fast-paced fintech sector, aiming to support both small-scale ventures and corporate entities, thereby stimulating regional economic development.

During his opening speech, Investment Office A. Burak Dağlıoğlu, highlighted the significant role played by the Investment Office in fostering direct investment and entrepreneurship. He expressed delight in contributing to the fruition of this project, stating, “Today, we have nearly a hundred technoparks, more than 10,000 companies operating here, and around 1.300 R&D centers. While the number of R&D and design centers owned by our international investors was 450 2 years ago, this number has reached 700 today. We work in cooperation with technoparks in different regions throughout Türkiye.”

Dağlıoğlu added, “We believe that institutions like the Medeniyet Technopark will play a vital role in fostering technology-driven growth in line with the Türkiye Century vision. I extend my gratitude to all the stakeholders who have played a part in realizing this valuable project."

By showcasing the innovative solutions of technology companies housed within the Technopark to a global audience, the initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness of Turkish fintech firms internationally while bolstering the regional economy. With an ecosystem approach that encourages startups to complement each other's technologies and solutions, Medeniyet Technopark stands out for its supportive infrastructure.

The Technopark offers a conducive working environment for entrepreneurial ventures, providing essential services such as office facilities, on-site data centers, meeting rooms, equipment support, management assistance, access to financial resources, and critical business and technical support services.

Colendi Co-Founder and CEO Bülent Tekmen expressed confidence in Türkiye's burgeoning fintech sector, attributing its success to the country's world-class banking infrastructure and technology. Leveraging their expertise and collaboration with traditional financial institutions, Tekmen highlighted the potential for fintech growth in Turkey. He emphasized the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data in accelerating financial services and pledged Colendi's commitment to nurturing the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem. Tekmen anticipates that the synergy arising from this collaboration would propel Turkish fintech startups onto the global stage, ultimately producing unicorns and decacorns developed by Turkish engineers.

“As Colendi, we will work to create global players by sharing the experience and knowledge we have gained in this field with the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Türkiye. We are pleased to undertake a project that will reveal this potential of our country with our cooperation with Medeniyet Teknopark. I believe that the support we provide to this new technology center and with the contribution of the synergy that will emerge here, unicorns and decacorns in the field of fintech, developed by Turkish engineers from Türkiye, will come to the world stage," Tekmen further emphasized.

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