Istanbul bridges East and West with fashion fairs

Hurriyet - Hosting two fashion fairs at the same time along with the ongoing Istanbul Fashion Week, Türkiye’s financial capital has turned into an “East-West bridge” of fashion, providing added credibility to the belief that the city is becoming a second Milan or Paris, with its fashion economy reaching a volume of USD 3 billion in five years.


While the Istanbul Fashion Week (IFW) continues at full steam ahead, the Collection Premiere Istanbul (CPI) fashion fair has opened its doors on Istanbul Technical University’s (ITU) Taskisla campus. 20 percent of the fair participants are European brands, while the majority of the visitors are from European countries. The second fashion event in the city, the Istanbul Fashion Fair (IFF), is taking place in the CNR Expo Exhitibion Center in Yesilkoy. The opening ceremony of IFF was attended by Iraqi Ministry of Commerce’s Shopping Centers General Manager Hadi Jadoo. As expected, the majority of the participants and visitors are from countries in the Middle East.


Istanbul’s spectacular rise in the world of fashion and its role as a historical bridge bring together the East and the West, as it is seen as the perfect location for European and the Middle Eastern participants of the fairs to meet and do business. The already established bridge status is transforming the city into a center of the fashion economy, slated to reach USD 3 billion in a matter of five years.

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