Japan’s nuclear industry eager for Turkish contracts


Referans Special Issue - Türkiye’s two major nuclear energy projects hold appeal for the Japanese, who are seeking to cooperate in this field. The Turkish-Japanese Business Council’s Vice President Mehmet Sami said the leading energy companies in Japan are interested in nuclear energy projects in Türkiye. “Two major nuclear energy projects, the one on the Mediterranean coast of Akkuyu and the other one on the Black Sea province of Sinop, are underway. The Russians have signed a deal to build and operate the nuclear plant on the Mediterranean coast, while talks are ongoing with the South Koreans for the Black Sea plant”, said Sami, stating that Japanese companies have considerable expertise and technology in nuclear energy production, and that they are willing to cooperate on future projects. “Both state-run and private nuclear energy companies have expressed their willingness to work on Turkish projects”, added Sami.

Türkiye; energy industry; nuclear energy; nuclear power plant; Japanese company; Mehmet Sami; Mersin; Akkuyu; Sinop