Regional investments in Konya add to Türkiye’s economy


Dunya - Recent investments in various sectors in the central Anatolian province of Konya are not only supporting the regional economy but are also transforming the city into an integral part of the country’s economy, contributing more than USD 1 billion annually.


Among the new investments, there are four new universities which will satisfy the need for qualified workforce for the city’s developing industries. Konya’s healthcare sector will receive TRY 300 million of investments in the form of five new private hospitals, while the pharmaceutical industry is also expected to receive three new investments.


The number of hotels with stars will rise to 29 on the back of eight new hotel investments. Once the 12 water supply, distribution and transfer project packages have been completed, Konya’s additional contribution to Türkiye’s economy will reach USD 1 billion annually.

Konya; regional investment; healthcare; pharmaceutical; central Anatolia; private hospital