Malaysian Mr. DIY Opens First Store in Türkiye

​Malaysian home improvement retailer Mr. DIY has launched its first store in Istanbul with plans to expand across Türkiye rapidly, generating new employment opportunities.

With over 1600 stores worldwide particularly in Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia & India and about 18,000 variety of products for do-it-yourself projects, Malaysian homegrown brand is bound to conquer the Turkish market of 84 million people.

Launched in 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Mr. DIY showcases products in various categories such as household appliances, electrical equipment, furnishing, car accessories, stationery & sports, toys, gifts, computer & mobile accessories, jewelry and cosmetics via online and offline stores.

Mr. DIY also has two sub-brands, Mr. DOLLAR, a fixed-price store concept, and Mr. TOY, offering a wide range of toys.

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