NYT: Who needs the other one more - Europe or Türkiye?


Hurriyet - Türkiye’s economic performance in the first quarter leaves the EU clearly behind in terms of growth, and in the light of Türkiye’s astonishing economic transformation, one should ask the question, “Who needs the other one more - Europe or Türkiye?”, according to a recent article published in The New York Times.


The article on Türkiye’s rising economic power and its implications for the EU states that Europe, with its aging population and debt-weary economies, scored a little more than one percent on the growth scale of the first quarter, while Türkiye’s growth surged to 11.4 percent, second only to China. Describing the economic and political rise of Türkiye as a “renaissance”, the NYT highlights Türkiye’s growing exports and increasing commercial relations with surrounding cash-rich countries such as Iran, Iraq and Russia. “Judging by the fiscal indicators of the last decade, Türkiye is a step closer to the EU”, read the article, clearly implying that the EU needs Türkiye more than Türkiye needs the EU.

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