“Western companies hesitant to invest in Turkey miss great opportunities”


Hurriyet - Foreign investors late in investing in Turkey may miss great opportunities that the country has to offer”, according to Sabancı Holding’s Chairwoman Guler Sabanci. The head of one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates has given an interview to Austrian Airlines’ Succeed magazine. The cover story entitled “Turkey’s pioneer woman”, cites Sabanci’s views on the Turkish economy and foreign investments in the country. When asked about the reasons behind the hesitancy of some Western companies in entering the Turkish market, Sabanci indicated Turkey’s continuing efforts to draw foreign investments to the country, and replied: “Foreign companies not investing in Turkey are missing the chance to take part in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, I believe Turkey’s growth in the coming decades will exceed the global average, and that the country will surpass today’s developed economies in Europe.”

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