Türkiye Commences Digitalpark Teknokent

​On July 7, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Digitalpark Teknokent, which will be built in partnership with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University and Turkish-German University.

Minister Varank stated at the ceremony that technoparks are an essential element of the "R&D and Innovation" ecosystem because of their crucial role in the creation and marketing of technological information.

“Our technoparks are home to 6,680 companies that have generated USD 6.2 billion in exports and TRY 131 billion in sales so far, with over 60,000 full-time R&D employees in these sectors. 45 percent of these companies are in the software business," added Minister Varank.

The Minister stated that the Digitalpark Teknokent will host 300 entrepreneurs employing 4,000 full-time R&D personnel once it has reached full capacity with its campuses in Istanbul and Rize.

“In 2001, Türkiye had only two technoparks. Currently, we have 88 technoparks spread over 57 locations. We will make every effort in the next months to introduce at least one technopark in each of our cities," said Minister Varank.

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