Türkiye's First Domestically Designed Medical Ventilator Ready

​​A prototype of Türkiye's first domestically designed medical ventilator device is ready, Selçuk Bayraktar, the CTO of unmanned aerial vehicle producer Baykar, announced. 

Turkish technology venture BIOSYS produced the medical ventilator device, in collaboration with Arçelik, after a five-year research and development effort.  At first, it aims to produce 5.000 of the new medical ventilators. The ventilators will be donated to the Ministry of Health for use at hospitals treating COVID-19 patients across the country. 

Selçuk Bayraktar also said that leading tech companies in Türkiye recently launched a campaign to support BIOSYS. Türkiye's defense giants Aselsan, Roketsan, Havelsan, and Baykar, as well as aviation company TAI, have supported BIOSYS.

"I invite all of our Teknofest stakeholders and those who want to contribute to participate in this campaign as much as possible. Now, more than ev er we see the importance of developing domestic and national technologies," Bayraktar said. 

Baykar ordered 250 ventilators from BIOSYS to support company's mass production and Türkiye's public healthcare system. 

ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Haluk Görgün also stated that they will purchase 250 devices to denote to the Ministry of Health.
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