Türkiye Gets Spotlight in Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum

​​Türkiye’s infrastructure projects drew global attention at the 13th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum. 
This year’s event was held virtually and focused on the top 100 projects all around the world.

Zeki Emre Tekin, Project Manager at the Investment Office, presented “Türkiye’s Investment Opportunities in Transport Infrastructure” at the forum where he showcased Türkiye’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure investments in front of an interested audience. 

Norman Anderson, CEO of CG-LA Infrastructure, the Washington, DC-based organizer of the forum, gave a speech on Türkiye’s projects unveiled in the forum. "We believe that Türkiye has some of the most sophisticated infrastructure companies, policies, and projects in the world," Anderson noted.

Emphasizing that great projects could only be accomplished under the leadership of someone in charge, Anderson added, "Türkiye should be at the forefront of a global initiative – it will help Türkiye show leadership, and help the world."

More than 46 projects worth a combined total of USD 175 billion in project opportunities were presented online in this year’s forum. ​
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