Türkiye Provides Incentives for Projects Worth More Than USD 100 billion

​​Ministry of Industry and Technology has unveiled the data ​​​of investment incentives provided by the Turkish government in the last 5 years.

The data has pointed that since 2015, the Turkish government has allocated investment incentives for projects with a total fixed investment amount of USD 107.36 billion, while the number of projects benefiting from these incentives has surpassed 28,000. Within this scope, around one million employment will be generated once these projects are fully completed. ​

The scope of the government incentives introduced to support companies willing to invest in Türkiye has included tax deductions or exemptions, customs duty exemptions, insurance premium support, discounts on electricity bills, low-interest rates and land allocation. 

During the 2015 - 2019 period, among all projects found eligible for incentives, manufacturing took the lead with 13,617 projects and USD 40.4 billion fixed investment amount, followed by energy and services sectors with USD 31.7 billion and USD 30.3 billion fixed investments consecutively.

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