Türkiye’s White Goods Sales Up 16 Percent in 2020

​​In 2020, Türkiye’s white goods sales beat expectations, swelling 16 percent, the White Goods Manufacturers’ Association of Türkiye (TURKBESD) announced. 

Speaking at a virtual meeting held by TURKBESD, Chairman of the Association Can Dinçer said, “We closed the year 2020 with sales of 7.8 million units in our 6 main product groups in domestic sales with a 16 percent growth. 

Contrary to expectations, domestic sales of white goods in Türkiye reached a significant level of achievement.” 
Emphasizing that 7 percent of white goods production of the world was made in Türkiye, he further stated, “Türkiye keeps its place as the second largest manufacturing hub globally.” Total domestic and international white goods sales of Türkiye reached 30 million units in 2020, Dinçer added.
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