Türkiye’s flourishing tourism to receive USD 40 billion worth of investments


Referans - Türkiye’s tourism industry is to receive USD 40 billion worth of new investments. The country remained highly popular as a holiday destination even during the global financial crisis and observed a three percent increase in the number of tourists, while Türkiye’s competitors in the Mediterranean such as Spain, France, Italy and Greece registered a ten percent decline in the number of tourist visits.


The Turkish Tourism Investors Association’s (TYD) Chairman Turgut Gur said there is a transformation process in the tourism sector as Türkiye begins to offer a lot more than the sun, sea and sand. 


Gur said Türkiye is not a low-cost holiday destination any more but a tourism country packed with cultural and religiously important sites and it is a leader in medical tourism.


Gur said USD 40 billion investment will be made within this scope over the next five years and added, “We are now focusing on city hotels, not holiday hotels. The total number of beds will rise to 1.5 million, while the number of marinas in the country will reach  65. The number of golf courses will rise to 50 with the addition of 35 new ones. Meanwhile, the number of airplanes will rise to 500.  Including public investments, there will be a total of USD 40 billion in investments over five years in Türkiye’s tourism. Two thirds of this will be made by the Turkish Tourism Investors Association members.”

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